After One Year

On this same day in the year 2011, I wrote my last entry here in WordPress and since then, I didn’t find the heart to blog again. I was going through so many things all at once that my writing retreated backstage and I settled with the comfort of scribbling on my Moleskine. So what is it that made me go back to this neglected space online? As I was surfing the net this afternoon, I realized my online presence needed some major updating — for instance, the About page on my WordPress says I’m a college junior; my LinkedIn account claims that I’m Chorale president at the moment; and my YouTube channel’s becoming extinct — totally not an indication of  applying good social-media practice, not to mention it could reflect badly on my career. What struck me the most was the last blog entry I posted exactly a year ago, about one of my many conversations with cab drivers: Continue reading “After One Year”