On Poetry and Love — Or Lack, Thereof

3 thoughts on “On Poetry and Love — Or Lack, Thereof”

  1. “despite her general dislike for anything cheesy — except if it’s labeled gouda or brie” HAHA I laughed at this bit. Chemistry exist in all people, but it ranges from non-existence to intense. Chemistry is different with guys or men (haha it had to be men!!); I think it is because our roles as women are realized and thus, we have to act like one. A similar experience happened to me, and I felt awful that I did not feel something for the person. You want to understand the person, you know you have to acknowledge the person, and I did–but not in the way it was intended to be.

    “No matter how romantic a verse or a gesture is, if the recipient is not willing to receive it, the words will always fall flat.” very true. and this is what I felt when I was at the receiving end of the person’s thoughtfulness–“you wasted your time on me; there’s someone for you,” I think that there is someone for us: each one of us. and only one. Whether or not we find them is a never-ending question. I also think, well for me, I always think it is best to take things rationally at first. In particular, we are starting to become friends. If an undercurrent exists, talk about it. I am just extremes when it comes to romance: I need to know whether there is a future or stay in the past. “Staying friends” is something I do not get. I’ve suffered for it, true, but that’s better than holding on to someone who you are not meant to be. 😉

    1. Haha, yes, my mom loves her cheese. I totally agree with everything you said! Thank you also for the inspiring words. I’d like to believe there is someone for all of us — if only I haven’t gone too pessimistic nowadays! Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and also for your priceless inputs. Cheers!

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