A Non-Cliché about Cliché: A Book Review for The Frog King by Adam Davies

Most of us have met that one, particular person: the corrupt, compulsive liar who has no sense of responsibility, no sense of commitment, and no sense of civilized behavior to inform you that he or she is actually in a relationship with someone else. We find out this important piece of information only when that someone else attacks you in the midst of shock, horror, and betrayal. Somehow, despite all this repulsiveness, we find ourselves involved with that frog longer than we ought to in the first place, making all sorts of ridiculous excuses along the way, as if under a spell. It is a self-destructive process in both parties; no rational conversation, psychological counseling, or even a kiss from the witch’s prescription can turn that slimy creature into a prince, much less a king. If you find yourself stuck with a tortured frog that has a charming façade, Continue reading “A Non-Cliché about Cliché: A Book Review for The Frog King by Adam Davies”

Valentine’s Day 2011: Same Same but Different

It was the 14th of February, 2006. Clad in my black and white checkered uniform, the fumes from my school bus lingering in my hair, I hop down and walk towards my condominium lobby, only to chance upon my then-bestfriend: embarrassed, terrified, and giddy in his white collared top and lopsided grin. I laugh out loud and hold on to my skirt, lest the wind reveals unsolicited high school girliness. A pause. Four long-stemmed roses and a shy smile. “Thank you,” I manage to utter. “Why four?!” I inquire, keeping my bangs away from my face and looking at him in the eye.

“Because,” he says. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day 2011: Same Same but Different”

On Writing

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”  -Anton Chekhov There is nothing more exciting and terrifying than admitting to oneself that one is, indeed, a writer (though it must be noted that admitting this to the world is a wholly different thing). The uncertainty in seemingly … Continue reading On Writing