On Traveling Alone (And Happening to be a Woman)

As I type this, I am alone in my quaint little hotel room in Hotel Le Regent in Paris, hearing my own typing in the keyboard, my own asthmatic breath, and absolutely nothing else. I bask in my solitude, appreciating the silence that accompanies it. I could blast on my iTunes or Spotify playlist, turn […]

A Dream to Dream

Dreams can be so vivid. The details are as sharp as a film in HD, and your sensesĀ are on overdrive. The scents are distinct, the sounds are piercing, the colors are vibrantĀ and the slightest touch can send shivers down your spine. Even the words echo ceaselessly until it’s all too much to bear. Dreams can […]

Partying and Road Tripping with the Danes

The past few weekends have been spent entertaining three fearless Danish women, one of them my half-Filipina cousin, in the more glamorous and pristine areas of the Philippines. On weekdays, they brave through the busy streets, sweltering heat, and the general clamor in Balut, Tondo, Manila as they go about their volunteer work. I really […]