Denmark, You Have My Heart

After four grueling plane rides, from Manila to Singapore, to Paris, to Copenhagen and finally to Billund, I found myself nibbling on some mushroom and blue cheese pizza in the garden of my dear Auntie Linda’s home in Kolding, Denmark, chatting with my family and playing with their dainty English Spaniel Bella, as if seven […]

Remembering Papa

It is around 9pm, way past my little girl bedtime on a summer day. I would jump around excitedly in bed, waiting for the three honks that could only mean one thing: that my parents are finally home from work. As they park their car in the garage, I try to make myself useful in their […]

The Right (and Wrong) Questions

“Are you okay, Nan?” Mama repeatedly asked me the other day. What is it about that question that makes it so hard to answer? It is a yes or no question after all. In my misery I uttered a feeble “yes” when I actually feel like screaming “No!” She already went through a lot that […]