On Traveling Alone (And Happening to be a Woman)

As I type this, I am alone in my quaint little hotel room in Hotel Le Regent in Paris, hearing my own typing in the keyboard, my own asthmatic breath, and absolutely nothing else. I bask in my solitude, appreciating the silence that accompanies it. I could blast on my iTunes or Spotify playlist, turn […]

TFD Conversations Part I: The Happy Cab Driver

“Saan ang daan natin, ma’am?” “Kahit saan, Kuya. Kung saan tingin niyo pong walang traffic,” I answered thoughtlessly, with the air of a seasoned commuter who takes the cab every day. A Boyzone song played softly in the background while the dashboard of the tattered Corolla rattled uncontrollably, making the incessantly nodding toy dog look […]