On Traveling Alone (And Happening to be a Woman)

As I type this, I am alone in my quaint little hotel room in Hotel Le Regent in Paris, hearing my own typing in the keyboard, my own asthmatic breath, and absolutely nothing else. I bask in my solitude, appreciating the silence that accompanies it. I could blast on my iTunes or Spotify playlist, turn […]

Denmark, You Have My Heart

After four grueling plane rides, from Manila to Singapore, to Paris, to Copenhagen and finally to Billund, I found myself nibbling on some mushroom and blue cheese pizza in the garden of my dear Auntie Linda‚Äôs home in Kolding, Denmark, chatting with my family and playing with their dainty English Spaniel Bella, as if seven […]

Boracay: Like A Dream that Didn’t Want to End

As if to mark another beginning’s end, the pre-June rain started pouring sporadically the past few weeks.Thunder growls from time to time, taunting us with the thought that life can’t be all about sun and fun. We are in a more stable and pragmatic state now — students are sharpening their pencils and admiring their […]