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From simply an online platform that started in 2011, where The Fancy Delight was merely about the author’s random interests, it has now evolved into a collection of personal vignettes inspired by the unrelenting human condition: facing adversities, traveling the world and exploring one’s creativity.

Ultimately, The Fancy Delight celebrates life and all things fancy: thoughtful conversations, little black dresses, and good books over a warm cup of tea, to name a few. 

About the Author

Nannie Flores, 22, is an aspiring writer from Mandaluyong City, Philippines. She graduated in June 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Her range of interests spans from literature, music, art, Asian cuisine, and her first love, travel.

Nannie Flores – The Fancy Delight

Since the time she pursued her studies at the UA&P in 2008, Nannie explored her creative side by being an active chorister of the UA&P Chorale, acting for plays in Dulaang ROC, organizing events for Kultura, dabbling in songwriting, and posting covers on her YouTube account for fun.

A teaser poster for kaIBIGan, March 2010

Only in 2010 did she take writing more seriously — this time, for an audience. After attending several writing workshops and classes taken throughout her high school and college years,  she mustered enough courage to write her first play, kaIBIGan, inspired by C.S. Lewis’ take on friendship from his famous work, The Four Loves. This was staged for Dulaang ROC’s Playfest 2010, winning several awards. After much prodding from her mentor, Palanca awardee Joem Antonio, the script was submitted as an entry for the Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. The play had a re-run on July 2010, filmed live, and then broadcasted on November 2010 at the Knowledge Channel. She had several  minor writing projects after that, including her play “Change Polish”, which had a re-run in mid-2012. This 2014, she is set to venture to Europe to attend the Cambridge Writers’ Workshop’s annual Summer 2014 Yoga and Writing Retreat at the Château de Verderonne in Picardy, France.   Still in the process of building her portfolio, Nannie is open to all sorts of learning experiences: writing gigs, singing gigs, workshops, meaningful conversations, collaborations, book/script-critiques, travel, and anything and everything that could add color to her future profession as an artist.


Currently, Nannie works in the Public Relations department of  Mandarin Oriental, Manila, handling hotel events and social media. To view samples of her personal works and for script inquiries, feel free to email her at nannie.flores@gmail.com ABOUT.ME/NANNIEFLORES


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